Dec 2, 2015

Carles Nebot. World Record UMCA 24h. Utracycling Track Outdoor

Spanish ultra cycling ryder
Member Team Emerge

World Record UMCA 24 hours Track Outdoor - Master 50

Video created by Toxiko Pictures

This video was recorded just before the World Record attempt. A few days later, Carles Nebot broke the world record and dedicated it to Mandy. (435miles in 24 hours). 

We at TeamEmerge pedal for those who fight to overcome trauma, tragedy and the difficult challenge of recovery from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Come and join our team!

Nov 12, 2015

Race Stages July 2016

JULY 2016

Relay Across America on twitter

With the slogan "I´m not a fast rider, i'm not a slow rider. I'm a Ultra Cycling Rider" route began on twitter
Relay Across America

You can follow us on twitter. 
Relay Across America

And the hashtag:

Follow us on our adventure in support of Mandy.


Nov 7, 2015

TeamEmerge and the Relay Across America

TeamEmerge and the Relay Across America were birthed out of love for my niece, Amanda Coleman. A year ago, she suffered a horrible car accident and was in a coma for nearly 12 months. Through the grace of God, an amazing fight to live, the wonderful team at T.I.R.R.

Hospital in Houston,Tx and her loving family and friends, Mandy has managed to emerge from her coma and is on her way back to full recovery.

We at TeamEmerge desire to live and reflect the same overcoming spirit that Mandy displays daily. We are a team of 6 riders from Spain and the U.S. and our primary goal is to train for the July, 2016 race ahead. We’ll pedal 2,250 MilesForMandy beginning at the border of Canada in Vermont and crossing the finish line at T.I.R.R. Hospital in Houston, Texas where Mandy will be waiting for us.

We are pedaling to raise funds for her and to bring awareness to those who are struggling with depression, trauma and recovery due to brain injury and tragedy.

We’d love to hear from you at: 
or by phone at (917) 538-6611. 
Thank you and may God give you strength to keep pedaling.
Sincerely, Cindy Vermilion
Director of TeamEmerge / Organizer of The Relay Across America.